neděle 23. června 2013

United Islands 2013

Yesterday I visited summer festival in Prague, we arrived there quite late,  we saw only Citizen!, which surprised me, because they were really great. This kind of music made me happy. I wear my new shorts and basic black top. The weather wasn't good, so I decided to wear pink sweater with me. In the evening I went to other festival, It was my first time, when I visited two festivals in one day, but it was awesome! I'm absolutely crazy about festival, because I love this feeling of the freedom and I always meet new people, see new music group, so I really enjoyed summer festival. What about you and festival? Have you great end of Sunday!

Short: Bershka
Top: H&M
Sweater: Vero Moda

                                                           Just chilling  

                                                    Yummmmy! Best burger ever!

Citizens! live! Great show!

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